Sunday, June 3, 2012

Venus: Creative Transformation and the Blending of Divine Masculine and Feminine

Actualizing the Potential for Individuation in Harmony with our Divine Purpose:
Venus is to the Earth what the Soul is to the Personality

June 5 (and 6 depending on where you reside) is the first day of Venus’s pass over the face of the Sun (the phenomena is called an occultation) Occultation’s occur in 2 parts (8 years apart) and the entire cycle of 2 parts have many years between them. The 1st part of this same cycle took place in June 2004. An Occultation of Venus and the Sun occurred before this in 1874 and 1882.
The zodiac sign this Occultation occurs in is Gemini, of which Venus is the Soul-Centered Ruler. It is said in the system of soul-centered (esoteric) astrology that Gemini changes, mutates and adjusts everything that is necessary for the evolution of the Soul, both individually and collectively (and indeed the two are related).
Gemini and Venus rule the Rainbow Bridge (antakarana), the vehicle through which the conscious connection of Soul and Personality occurs. In Gemini comes the awareness (Mercury, personality ruler) of the pairs of opposites that seek to blend harmoniously through the energies of Venus. Sun and Venus personify energetically the faces of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes as seen in the Major Arcana card of the Tarot “The Lovers”, linked with the sign Gemini.
Venus turned retrograde on May 15 at 23 Gemini 59.  Venus remains retrograde through June 27. The retrograde cycle of Venus (ruling Taurus and Libra on a personality level) directs the planetary energy within and often urges us to re-evaluate the nature of our relationships and our values. This includes all types relationships with people and also with our work, with money and possessions and our relationship with ourselves). Each individual alive will have a different focus and will be working through their own life issues and growing realizations.

It is the sincere inquiry and evaluation of what we see and find within that invokes the Soul level expression of Venus to acknowledge, accept, harmonize , and blend the existing duality in our lives. How do we become a truer expression of our inner life on the outside? How do we follow best the dictates of our own Hearts? Does the energy we expend in life reflect our values? Do our possessions and how we use them reflect our values? Do our relationships support our continued growth? What kind of relationship do we have with ourselves? How do we love ourselves and others unconditionally? These are some of the questions we might be asking ourselves and concepts that may be presented to us through situations in our lives. Collectively speaking what each one of us does to increase our consciousness and collapse duality has an effect on all of humanity. Venus in Gemini on a soul level sees the greater purpose behind any relationship.
June 5, 2012 is also Day of Yellow Galactic (8) Star according to the system of Dreamspell.

Yellow Galactic Star
I harmonize in order to beautify
Modeling art
I seal the store of elegance
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of free will

To me these 2 are linked (Venus/Sun Occultation and Yellow Galactic Star) through the 5 pointed Star that connects Yellow Star as Mayan Daykeeper and the Star (17) as Tarot Archetype traditionally linked with the sign of Aquarius (which is a sign on the 5th ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science) and sign of the “New Age”. Venus is also a 5th ray planet. Venus (in the Dreamspell system) is linked with Yellow Star. Yellow Star is the 8th Mayan Daykeeper. (1+7 =8)
The Five pointed star is also suggested to be linked with humanity becoming all we can be (consciously linking the Incarnational Star and the Soul Star within our subtle anatomy) to the Sacred Geometry of the Cosmos. {I’m imagining here the famous image created by Leonardo DaVinci}. The 8 year cycle of Venus, in addition, traces a five pointed star in the sky with its orbit.

And speaking of Stars, in the system of Aura-Soma®, Bottle 95, Archangel Gabriel (also called the Return Journey of the Star – return indicating the inner Journey) combines the colors designated by this system for the Incarnational Star (Gold) and the Soul Star (Magenta). The bottom section of an Aura-Soma® Bottle indicates a Soul Talent (conscious or not) While the upper fraction indicates a personality talent that supports the Soul and is a vehicle for the Soul Talent to express through. In bottle 95, the bottom fraction is Gold and indicating a Soul Talent of the ability to teach others to connect with their Inner Wisdom, and Magenta as a Personality talent is a vehicle for Grace to come through. In other words, I believe Archangel Gabriel is speaking to us now as Grace-Filled (Venus) messenger from the Stars, urging us to get in touch with our true purpose (Inner Gold/Sun) if we have not already. Now is the Time!

So what does this all mean?
As we straddle the cusps of the ages of Pisces/Virgo and Aquarius/Leo the Star symbol is particularly potent. Within each and every one of us lie that Star of Inner Awakening that links us to the Cosmos. The energies of this time are creating numerous gates and thresholds of opportunity whereby we can discover a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives and live inspired in a whole new way; the Art of Living!
Harmony and the Beauty Way can be ours if this is what we choose. December 21, 2012, marks the closing of a Cycle and the beginning of the new, according to the Mayan's. The return of both Quetzalcoatl (and his much less spoken about twin sister Quetzalpetlatl) harmoniously linked and rising in equality marks the turning of the wheel.

The Alignment of the Earth, Sun and Venus at this time is a powerful opening toward that new beginning and in reality a vibrational shift. Let us open our Hearts to the new day dawning and become the shining stars that we are!

"I think of Living as the process of painting a masterpiece: every breath, experience, and intention adds to the beauty of my blank canvas. The vibrancy of the colors of life are evident when I cherish myself unconditionally." ~The Nature of Infinite Love and Gratitude

In La’Kech
(I am another yourself)